Synova Group: A new chapter after 8 years


On a shiny September morning, a special event is taken place.

A few people start to show up and shortly later becomes a small crowd waiting eagerly for the spokerman to announce something. It is the Announcement Event of Synova Group, which has been taken place on the 12th September 2018. The name Synova has gotten bigger since its establishment back in 2010 as a tech start-up in Vietnam, then became a familiar name in the global industry and now it turns to a totally new chapter.

The event went down in the 8-years history of Synova. It is the result of 08 months of planning, discussing and seeking for the opportunity to turn rough idea into reality. Finally, the Board of Synova and Vitop Media decided it is time to make it happened and here it is the event that witnesses the born of Synova Group, puts an end to almost a decade climbing the mountain alone as a single company. As the result, the two companies, Synova and Vitop Media, come together under one roof – one banner to form Synova Group. Now, the total number of employees becomes 91 in Asia and 120 in over the world. The total number of offices all over the world becomes 8.


Because together, we are going forth.

By the participation of Vitop Media to Synova Group, the name Synova suddenly gets much bigger than when it was just a Synova company. The counterparts do not only bring the manpower together, but also contribute intellectual property, network, market share, coverage… Consequently, its market share becomes almost double. Its growth rate significantly improves. Many new opportunities start to flood in where there is, now, a strong, numerous, diverse and experienced team are ready to respond and ensure no feasible opportunities are missed out. Thanks to this “marriage”, the team does not only get bigger in size but also stronger in capabilities. Besides, the interesting point of this “marriage” is that two does not become one as in other merging cases. Instead of eliminating the name of the counterparts, Synova and Vitop Media are now operating separately but supporting each other closely towards the same goals. By having the two names under one Group, the Group can benefit from the reputation of these two names in the industry, thus, the more coverage and opportunities the Group would earn. On the other hand, the individual growth of each counterpart contributes back to the growth of the whole Synova Group. In this light, the formation of Synova Group does not only mean putting two organizations together to expand the size, but rather creates an ecosystem, where tech fellows are supporting each other to reach higher goals.

Synova around the world.

From this day onwards, Synova Group is the Singaporean brand name competing with others in the international playground. Synova Group commits to provide the most effective and efficient technology solutions to help clients developing their business. Through the impeccable services Synova Group provides, the Board’s goal is to prove with the world the true value of Asia in the international arena. For the coming 5 years, Synova Group set its mission to develop other business lines with IT services as the core business.

Overall, the born of Synova Group opens a whole new chapter for both organizations.
The future of this chapter is still vague, but the goals are clear and the will is firmly determined. There’s an African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Synova alone has been mature fast over a number of years, now it is time to do the “impossible” with others and go further.

Synova Group.

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