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Have you ever wondered which approach you should be implementing for your idea?
In this article, we’ll cover the 2 main methods used in Software Development




In this model, each phase has specific deliverables and a review process which is good for small projects which have definite requirements and changes not at all expected.
This model is not appropriate if you wish to go back and make changes in a previous phase, a lot can go wrong.




This model, on the other hand, is based on continuous iterations, good for long projects that might require some adjustments
Another major difference lies in the fact that communication is enhanced, therefore both the development team and the customer know what is complete and what is not, although you need a good project manager if no the project can easily go off track.
Lastly, the cost is slightly higher if you want to implement an agile model.



So is Agile for you?


The first important step of Agile is understanding and documenting the implication of your request based on the current state of things. The developer starts investigating every minor detail including the issue, your requirements, your expectations, etc.
More often than not, such investigative first step is delivered through what is called a “discovery phase” or a scoping project and we can help you with it.


To wrap it up


Organizational agility is more important today than ever. Digital transformation has dominated business strategy for several years. The quest has been to seize new market opportunities, to win, serve, and retain customers to fuel business growth, and to avoid being disrupted by competitors that are becoming more numerous and varied in nature.


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