Software Development
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Our software development solution offers 4 possibilities
to create an outstanding product

Highly skilled in developing large-scale and complex business web applications. It has evolved to a point where they provide levels of interactivity and usability that rival native applications.

Website Application Development
with unlimited customization possibilities

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Retina design
The idea behind retina ready is to create something that would look as sharp as it would in print. Colors are vivid and bright.
Pixel perfect
We've considered every detail, down to individual pixels, as opposed to designing things with all kinds of anti-aliasing and compression artefacts.
Performance optimization
Improving performance is a process that starts with minimizing, or at least, optimizing the data that users download.
Speed optimization
It's always something that should be top priority, especially when there is so much online competition.
SEO intelligence
We offer sophisticated tools that help you to get better rankings in search engines. All tools follow Google's guidelines for search engine optimization.
Security improvements
Effective website security requires effort on technical design of the whole architecture of the system: web application, web server configurations, policies for creating and renewing passwords, client-side code.
Handle your business anywhere with a single mobile device. Master experiences in working across multiple industries.

Mobile Application Development
with unlimited customization possibilities

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Connect with users
Reach all potential customers on any mobile platform with an app designed and tested to provide the optimal user experience.
Flexible with the market
Quickly respond to changing market demands by utilizing agile development approaches and flexible frameworks.
Cross platform
Develop the application on any mobile platform using native langage (for iOS and Android) or cross platform solutions (React Native..)
Backend technologies
Mobile apps can be built to work with existing / new backend technologies to expedite time to market while still providing a high quality product.
We ensure to implement and develop your solution to commit the High-Standard in IT Industry.  we are here to help your business with our full fledge effort in deploying decentralized infrastructure support.
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A giant network of connected “things”. The future will be “anything that can be connected, will be connected”, making your everyday seamless.

IoT Development
Accelerate digital transformation, delivering insight and action from your data.

Gather your activities in a new insightful way with the Internet of Things (IoT)—from increasing process efficiencies to delivering better customer experiences and generating new revenue streams.

Build things
IoT begins with your things. Build with your things, from adding sensors to creating smart devices, to start your IoT solution.
Analyze data
Take the data you collect and apply advanced analytics to uncover new business insights.
Control your things
Deploy IoT solutions that control, monitor, and manage your things, allowing you to capture real-time data.
Act on insights
Transform insights into action through powerful applications—creating new revenue and business opportunities.
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The Internet of Things gives us access to the data from millions of devices.
But how does it work, and what can we do with all that data? IBM Video


Your layout is Vector Design
with all Figma tools included
to  provide the best quality design

Figma is the first interface design tool online accesible throught your browser, making it easier for teams to create layout.

Never upload, download, or worry about versions again.

Present and prototype in the same tool where you design.

One single source of truth for design files 

About Figma

Expertise Technologies

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Our Work Process

Testimonial by PLANNING & STRATEGY
During this process, risks are identified and planned. A Project Complementation Strategy will be proposed to Synova’s management for approval before production can begin.
Testimonial by DESIGN & DEVELOP
Project manager is responsible for closely monitoring the development process. Tracking is done in daily basic. Issue(s) can be reported using the Google Sheet tasks issues Worksheet link provided by Synova. Synova fixes bug(s) and update Task issues Worksheet as required and notify client.
Testimonial by TEST & DELIVER
We use state of the art bug tracking and client feedback systems (RedMine) to make sure that every issue is properly addressed. WARRANTY PERIOD VAIRES DEPEND ON CONTRACT Synova will be responsible for providing services including, but not limited to, the following: Support and Service – Periodic Customization & Upgrades – Backup.
Testimonial by MAINTENANCE
Whether you need support for your content management system, security or accessibility updates or just having professional help on hand to guide you through the everyday housekeeping tasks of web maintenance
Synova's Software Production Guideline
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of the law

From May 2018, The main objective of this law and that the personal data of people in Europe remain protected the same way they are in Europe when they are transferred in third countries (against fraudulent usage, against data theft…) Consequently, this is not technically compelling but legally compelling regarding personal data use. Both the old and new law acknowledge that the transfer of personal data from a European company to a third country sub-contractor is considered legal if both companies signed a model contract.

Synova Solutions
in concrete term

WE ENSURE that labor contracts have a confidentiality clause relating to processing and protecting personal datas.
WE ENSURE our system is protected against violations and data theft.
WE FOLLOW closely the implementation of the law and its consequences: the creation of certification labels and code of conduct.