BEL ACCESS – The Laughing Cow

Project Description

With the aim of managing sale, stock, street vendors community and so on, Synova built an intranet system for them: the monitor, sale stocks, like that they can do self-management, stock management, collect data, follow dashboard, follow everything. Big project as well, 1,5 years development and also using now to manage another market like Africa.

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Bel Group is a global French company selling the worldwide popular product “The laughing Cow” cheese. They arrived in Vietnam 3 years ago, set up a different strategy that not only launching the product in big supermarket but also target in street vendor (Banh Mi).

  • Company:  BEL ACCESS
  • Category: F&B
  • Compatibility: Java
  • Languages: English & French
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  • Java

Development Details

  • 18 Months

Team Size

  • 01 Project Manager
  • 02 Business Analyst
  • 01 Technical Architect
  • 01 Designer
  • 05 Web Developer
  • 02 Tester
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