Moda en casa

Project Description

We support moda en casa for their IT Development, this is a simple short case website with minimalist style…With friendly interact display, all the furniture become more valuable and easily sold.


Started as a lifestyle shop that proposes European modern style, named “moda en casa” as a meaning as an antenna shop to propose fashion in the family.

moda en casa was founded in August 2000 by Danish living in Japan. Initially, as the interior select shop I was releasing the latest trend in Europe centered on Scandinavia, but in 2004 we began developing our own original products. We are proposing our own modern style as a manufacturer that can provide interior suitable for living environment in Japan and can coordinate the whole lifestyle.

  • Company:  moda en casa
  • Category: Furniture
  • Compatibility: Website Responsive
  • Languages: English & Japanese
Image module


  • Website Responsive

Development Details

  • 70 Mandays

Team Size

  • 01 Project Manager
  • 01 Business Analyst
  • 01 Designer
  • 02 Web Developer
  • 01 Tester
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