Project Description

TeeZily is a very useful website for printing logos and pictures on T-shirts.

This design is made up of layers, which allow the logo to appear vivid and closest to the actual shirt. Customers can easily choose the logo, image and put them on the shirt according to their preferences and wishes.

Normally, at once, we will print 1000 even to 10,000 T-shirts. Instead of wasting time going to the shop or factory, customer can choose the model, logo and rest assured that the printed shirt will look like the designed one.


Teezily is a young French start-up that invests the niche of crowdfunding through an online t-shirt creation service that helps groups, associations and communities raise funds to support a cause. a project in particular, by offering them high visibility through the sale of T-shirts.

Indeed, it allows communities to overcome the costs and constraints of manufacturing textile products since creators can focus solely on fundraising and communication. In other words, the project administrator collects the funds, but does not have to worry about the delivery.  

Moreover, Teezily proposes to everyone to become the actor of a project beyond its financing through the wearing of a T-shirt. Better yet, it offers prices 30 to 40% lower than those offered by textile customization sites.   In short, it aims to help associations to fundraise, support campaigns of NGOs, still supporting companies engaged in a CSR approach.

  • Company:  Teezily
  • Category: Fashion marketplace
  • Languages: English
Image module


  • Boostrap, HTML, CSS

Development Details

  • 70 Mandays

Team Size

  • 01 Project Manager
  • 01 Business Analyst
  • 01 Designer
  • 01 Web Developer
  • 01 Tester
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