Why should you consider starting your business online?

Guide to a successful start-up


The 21st century has seen the explosion of the Internet and everyone’s shopping habits are slowly changing. The Internet offers enormous business opportunities, whether you want to earn extra income, start or expand your own business. In particular, the competition for business is becoming increasingly fierce and traditional business becomes more difficult. Therefore, online sales are considered “gold mines” for businesses because of the benefits it brings. What do you get when your online business is booming?

The following 5 reasons will help you answer the question of whether or not to build an online store.


1. Freedom

An online business has the advantage of not being tied up in time or place. This is the motivation for you to work harder. You are fully active in working time and place. At this point, the only thing you need is an internet-connected device to = work, manage, and take care of your customers.

2. Low cost and high profit

Doing business online allows you to eliminate huge expenses such as renting offices, stores or the risks of stockpiling. A dropshipping agreement, or manufacturing-to-order agreement, can minimize financial risk and enable consistent profits with less upfront costs. Let’s say you have a business that sells clothes of different sizes. If you sell in an offline store, you will have to enter all sizes into the warehouse because you don’t know which size the customer will choose. If you cannot sell, you will be forced to lower your price and incur losses. However, through drop-shipping, you will not necessarily have the goods available in stock, thus reducing the risk of failure. Your job will just focus on marketing for that product and receiving orders. Then, you will pass the order to the dealership that connects you. They will take over the responsibility of shipping the product to the customer, and you will receive a discount.

3. Gain experiences

When starting an online business for a certain product or service, you are responsible for its success or failure. You will find yourself becoming more mature and always think hard when deciding on an issue. Doing business online is a very competitive environment. This will forge you to be persevered and determined. In particular, you will learn a lot about online marketing in online business.

4. Capture the trend over time

According to researchers, the number of online consumers is increasing rapidly, and gradually replacing traditional shopping. Moreover, online business is not limited geographically, so you can reach customers everywhere. If you can effectively use free online marketing tools such as Facebook, Zalo, Website, Blog, Forum, etc you already have a large number of customers. Moreover, you can expand your market share by building e-commerce websites, e-commerce platforms.

5. Increase business market share

According to Digital 2020, more than 50% of the world’s population uses the Internet, in Vietnam this number is more than 60 million people and this number is constantly increasing rapidly. This is really a rich and promising market for you because reaching even 1% of this group of customers can make a huge profit. Although your competitors are many, buying-selling online is always a promising market where the number of potential customers is quite large and if you have an effective business strategy, you absolutely can be successful in attracting customers to buy products for your business or company.

Selling online is really an attractive and ideal business model, offering many profitable opportunities, growing and expanding in the future. From the above great reasons, there is no reason why you should not do business online. Be a smart salesman, there are no limits that you cannot pass if you are serious and invest in it, give it a try once taking a risk with selling online.


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